Vintage & I

Here are some shots of my favorite vintage sweater, stolen from my mother's closet. I believe vintage pieces from a parent's closet is the best vintage there is!

-There are quite a few shots just because I had so much fun doing this ... Should be working on my Operations management assignment, but this is just so much more fun ; )

Never mind ... There aren't even that many shots - Decided to take some out :S  



Anonymous said...

thank you a lot for your comment. ok, i follow you. you follow me?!
love mari.

Kris said...

Followed hun !


Henar said...

Fantastic, I loved this!!
Great post!


Sandra Leiva said...

I really love your vintage bag! <3
Would you like to be followers? X.

Kris said...

@Henar : Checked out your blog.. AMAZING ..Followed you on blogloving

@Sandra Leiva: Surely Followship it is! Great stuff

Barbie said...

Haha so cute! Love the bathtub ones, too! Haha!

Kris said...

Aww thanx love checked out ur blog !

Great stuff

: )

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