21 n Blessed -- 03.27.11

I have the greatest friends a girl can ask for ...
My 21st was filled with joy, laughter, and surprise 
I thank God for life and fellowship with the people I care about !

Thanks for the wonderful surprise party -- ;You know who you are -- and can't wait for more festivities in a couple of weeks !

Jacket: FDCouture: www.fdcouture.ca
Lets see what 21 has in store for me : )


Laced Up !

This look I came across on the (www) is one that I'd describe as regal, romantic, and trendy.

 This chic little white lace dress accessorized with black and gold accents makes this a look that demands immediate attention. 

Can we say BOSS?

Saw it .... Loved it .... Blogged it !