Sleepy Hollow

This chic should not be asleep ... She NEEDS to get up and stunt in these boots!
'nuff said'

All that glitters ...

Yesterday's look, Todays Post

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Tidbits of my fit from yesterday ... Minus the Winter Pantyhose

Brown Scarf

Babydoll Ruffle Dress

Coach Riding Boot


Feathery Frenzy

This months featured photography - 
Miguel Reveriego

Vintage & I

Here are some shots of my favorite vintage sweater, stolen from my mother's closet. I believe vintage pieces from a parent's closet is the best vintage there is!

-There are quite a few shots just because I had so much fun doing this ... Should be working on my Operations management assignment, but this is just so much more fun ; )

Never mind ... There aren't even that many shots - Decided to take some out :S  


Something Smelly

INSA Elephant Dung Heels

Animal poop at the bottom of your heels never looked so good! O_o

Effelle Photog.

Uber talented fashion photographers and some of their latest work