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Here's a look into a little Styling I did for Ottawa Photographer Robert Odudu. Mr. Odudu is an up and coming, multi-talented, photographer based here in Ottawa, ON and is taking the city by storm.

Odudu Photography is a fast growing brand, establishing itself within the university communities and beyond.  By making its mark in Ottawa's party scene, Odudu Photography is gaining much hype as an event photographer.  

In addition to his wide portfolio of event photography, Robert has also gained experience shooting at Ottawa's fashion week and a few of MY personal favorites can be seen towards the rear of the post.

Check out a little styling done by yours truly and provide me with some feedback ... 

    ENJOY ! ! !

 ' Military Chic '
Model: Shay
Makeup: Afia Agyeman (Metamorphis Makeup)
Outfit Details:    
Shoes: ALDO 
Jacket: Guess
Shorts: ValueVillage
Bandeau: American Apparel

' Reserved Retro '
Model: Shay
Makeup: Afia A. 

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Value Village
D.I.Y Crop Top: Value Village
Shoes: Spring

' Bejeweled Vintage '
Model: Anita E.
Makeup: Afia A.

Outfit Details:
Jacket:Value Village
Tights: American Apparel
Bandeau: American Apparel
Shoes: ALDO

' Fabulous Futurism '
Model: Jennifer T.
Makeup: Afia A.

Shoes: ALDO
Tights: H&M
Shirt: Anony--But can be a D.I.Y project
Jacket: Urban Behaviour

' Flowers in winter '
Model: Joyce R.
Makeup: Afia A.

Scarf: Mall Kiosk :)
Skirt: Telula
Shoes: H&M

' In the jungle '
Model: Jennifer T.
Makeup: Afia A.

Tights: UB
Shoes: ALDO
Top: American Apparel
Necklace: Everyday Tape Measure
Earrings: ALDO

' Ready for Combat '
Model: Afia A.
Makeup: Afia A.

Jacket: Guess Marciano
Pants: Mom's Vintage
Bandeau: American Apparel

 ' Vintage elegance '
Model: Anita E.
Makeup: Afia A.

Dress: UB
Jacket: Moms Vintage
Shoes: Zara

 ' African Winter '
Model: Shay
Makeup: Afia A.

Shorts: D.I.Y
Tights: D.I.Y - Old cut up tights
Sweater: Zara
Circle Scarf: 'ntoma' - African Fabric

More shots from Odudu Photography

Ottawa Fashion Week 2010 '
For more of Mr. Odudu's fabulous work check out his Facebook and prepare to be amazed ...  


zee said...

i REALLY liked the stylin Kris, great job!
& the girls look beautiful! i absolutely loved 'vintage elegance' & 'ready for combat' definitely looking forward to seeing more from you :)

julia louise said...

Sure we can follow each other<3
followed you<3


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

you got lovely clothes thanks for the lovely comment!

xo model from holland

new outfit of today online

everyday a new post come check it out

Kris said...

Thanks a-lot !

<3 xo

Kris said...

@Zee aww thnx love !!! I realli appreciate it ! Means so much ... u dont even know


maphi said...

great photograpy and amazing styling :)
this is making me want to have some professional pictures take , even though im not a model loool great post xoxo

maDame said...

Wow. You did a great job my dear. I rally love the "Fabulous Futurism"-One. Go on like this ;)

Thx for visiting my blog. <3

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